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I bought 4 black neon tetras and eventually they got ich and died. Just 4 days after my purchase. It sucked. My aquarium is in a air conditioned room but the weather here is tropical. AC is not hitting my AQ directly it's pointed in another direction. AC is not always on only at night sometimes.

I have no plan on moving my aquarium I want it to be in my room. I had fish before in my room and they have lived for years already except for the neon's. In the long run they get a bent spine and they die one by one or get ich like the black neon's that I had for just a few days. It really sucks I want to keep neon's but I guess my conditions don't permit it.

AQ Specs:
Feeding 2x a day small portions (Home made shrimp gel food and veggies and Tetra Rubin fish flakes)
20% Water changes every Friday 1 a week
bare bottom (I hate gravel it's annoying and hard to clean always gets in the way)
Plants attached to driftwood
no c02
Has airpump and submersible filter
3 Danios
6 Black skirts and Gold/albino skirt tetras
2 Otocats

TOTAL: 11 fish

1. Is it possible for me to have neon tetras in my situation?
2. Are neon's tetras and black neon's very sensitive when it comes to water quality and temperature is that the reason why I always fail keeping them?
3. Are rasboras the same as well are they that sensitive like neon's?
4. What other fish do you recommend VERY LOW MAINTENANCE but good for the eye any recommendations to make this AQ more colorful like fish that has blues,yellows and reds etc... ?

Thank you everyone all insights and experiences are appreciated. It would be helpful if you reply with my 1-4 questions accordingly :p I'm still a noob here.


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