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Ok, so I have a heavily planted 120, which I was holding a few very small jack dempseys in until I can set up a more appropriate cichlids tank and until they matured...well I guess two have prematurely matured as I have two jacks guarding fry like nobody's business! These jacks are only about two inches long, maybe less! Lol, fry look to be about six days old too, but have been hidden in the rear of the tank by vegetation. Ah, I have never had such small jacks spawn...I mean these guys are only a few months old themselves - introduced when I first posted here....!!!

Is this abnormal? I mean they themselves are so small? Any suggestions re: food and care? It's gonna be one heck of a task removing them from this tank....but kinda feeling great about this whole thing...better start setting up an additional tank!!!


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