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juvenile gold spotted foxface rabbitfish or other rabbitfish?

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Hi All.

First post...

I ordered a gold spotted foxface rabbitfish from a mail-order store. I expected an greyish / blue colored fish with gold spots everywhere.

What came looks like a blue-spotted rabbit fish - its yellow with some vertical black markings only a few spots around the eye.

The mail-order store claimed that it is normal for the juvenile to have no spots and that it will develop spots with time.

I don't believe it. I think they sent me the wrong fish.

Am I wrong?

Could it be true that gold spotted foxface rabbitfish start out yellow and change color and develop spots?


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are these saltwater or freshwater fish? I feel like they're saltwater fish so i have no idea
apologies - wrong forum

sorry - new to the site...

you are right - salt water fish question

wrong forum...

No worries! hope you get it figured out :)
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