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just your thoughts.

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So i posted this topic on another forum and not one responded. So here it goes; i purchased a new tank and trying to figure out what to do.... i have a 75 with all my fish in it right now and a 55 cycling.. basic fish are 3 blk calvus, 4 ocetallus golds, 1 pulcher (tangs)..., 1 yellow lab, 2 lab hongi, 1 red zebra, 1 Sciaenochromis fryeri (malawi). just wondering what would you do have so many ideas (species calvus, 55 shellie tank......) just thought one or two thoughts might help me decide. thanks for all who reply
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bettababy said:
bolty, where are you located? Releasing a fish into the wild, especially not a native habitat is highly illegal, and depending on the environment and the weather/seasons, can also be quite cruel to the animal. Here on the board we cannot suggest to anyone that letting a "pet fish" go in a natural waterway is ok, because we could then be held liable by the laws as much as the person who does it.
I don't know what specific laws are where you are located, but here, the DNR can take nearly everything you own if you get caught doing something like that, plus they fine you and there is mandatory jail time.
Plus, laws aside, it screws up a natural habitat with a possible "invasive" species should it breed. Something like african cichlids could quickly become invasive if the environment is suitable.
Lesson #1: :roll: = "I'm being facetious"

I dont believe the comment about releasing the fish was intended to be taken seriously.
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