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so...the fish would be able to move from one tank to the other?

what you have to consider is that the holes for the tubing would have to be drilled, making the tank useless if you ever decided to take them apart again...and the tubing would also have to be large enough for the fish to swin comfortably through without gettting sure you thought of this already...and wouldnt there be the risk of detritus getting stuck in there and causing ammonia/nitrate spikes? just wondering...other than that...its quite genius. =) especially if you want a larger set up but dont have the money to upgrade presently, and already have the equipment you would need to do it. =) you would also have to caulk the holes yourself, and maybe you are good at that sort of thing...but i dont think i would trust myself to do it...=P

just my thoughts..

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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