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I've got a shoal of 5 Albino Bronze Corys in a 20 high with 2 Black Skirts, 5 Flame Tetras, an adult female bristlenosed pleco, and some Amano shrimp. Overstocked? Probably. Heavily planted, though, and no one looks or acts stressed. These are definitely my favorite crew of cories - they are always out and abouit in the front of the tanks. Pretty sure two of the females are egg bound at the moment (Not that that will last in this tank.)

So the albino bronzes are cheap, personable, active, and get the full 3+ inches.

My Pandas are also fun, but they stay smaller. My sterbas and my pygmys hide all the dratted time. (And my favorite cories are striped loaches, but you don't want to hear that, so ignore it.)
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