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Corys come in a wide variety. I just found out my LFS has some really cool looking orange ones. :) I currently just have panda, bronze and peppered cories in my tank. They do well in 72-82F. I'd recommend getting a rock or other such to form a cave for them and it wouldn't hurt to add some plants. My panda cories tend to prefer hanging out under my hornwort while the others just wind up all over the tank just moving around. The main thing about stocking is how much filtration you have on the tank. I wouldn't start with too many to begin with though. I'm not aware of cories requiring any specific filtration types, but I'd avoid the under gravel filters.

As for specific varieties to get. Bronze cories are pretty active and get to 3" as do the peppered cories.

If you do decide to do plants, you might want to put some shrimp into the tank such as cherry or rudolph red-nose. They stay pretty small (<1") and are good for cleaning.
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