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I am trying to come up with a list of all of the things I will need to start up an 8 foot, 260 gallon fowlr aquarium. This is my list so far:

Predrilled 96” (260 gallon) tank with overflows, stand and canopy
Acclimation kit
2-3 buckets for acclimation
50 gallon garbage can for water changes
90 gallon sump
Return pump (external for returning filtered water to tank)
Power heads (2 for tank)
Submersible pump (1 for mixing salt in water changing container)
Flexible Tubing and clamps
Synthetic Sea Salt mix
Nitrifying bacteria
Water conditioners
Heater w/ thermostat (one for tank, one for water changing container)
RO/DI Unit
Protein skimmer
Gravel vacuum/Water changer
Live rock
Text kits
Power surge protector
Ammonia Neutralizer
Air pump with airstones
Chlorine Neutralizer
Phosphate remover
Thermometers (1 for tank, 1 for water changing container)
pH conditioners
AmQuel Plus
Stress Coat
Filter media and bags: Nitrate remover, phosphate remover, activated carbon
UV sterilizer

Can anyone think of anything else that I will need? Thanks!

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200+lbs of Live Rock

Powerheads for an 8ft tank I would look at, at least 4 perhaps 6, that is going to have to be 2 massive powerheads to move that amount of water.

Air pump and airstones not so much required unless you want to run an algae scrubber.
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