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I have a 13 gallon and a 60 gallon Freshwater Tropical.

The 13 gallon has 6 CPDs, and 16+ platy fry.

I had accidentally purchased a female platy, and once I saw she was about due, I put her in my 13 gallon with the danios. She gave birth and then I returned her to the store; once the platy are large enough to be sexed, I intend to bring all the females to my LFS for store credit and keep all the males. Therefor I won't have any female live bearers.

I had placed a LOT of hornwort in the 13 gallon, before the female gave birth. I removed the hornwort a week ago, as the fry are over 1 month old and are rather large. Today I removed the protective filter sponge from around the intake filter suction. The fry are big enough now not to be sucked up.

It is my belief that the hornwort caused this:

My large leaf plants have taken the damage, including my anubias nana and I think that is an amazon sword type.

The thin leafed plants have not taken any damage. IE Water Sprite and Cryptocoryne Balansae are healthy.

I have at least 1 assassin snail in the tank. He must have traveled in when I planted my excess water sprite from my 60 gallon. He's not fully grown yet, but almost there.

I don't know if the damage is caused from the hornwort taking all the light and nutrients or if the platy fry were eating the plants. I had also stopped using ferts like leaf zone and co2 booster about 2months ago, once I moved the almost due mother in there.

I have just, about 5 minutes ago, placed a very small air stone in the corner of the 13 gallon. I observed, and it seems the fry are strong enough not to be bothered by it. I hope this will help the plants heal.

Do you think I should remove and trim off the dead parts of my plants? Or should I just be patient and wait for them to re-grow on their own? Is the air stone a good idea?
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