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Is my guppy fish pregnant??

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So for the past few days ive been looking at this female guppy in my tank... i have 2 plecos 6 guppies and 1 beta, he's actually friendly but 2 of the 6 guppies are females and 1 of them seem to be pregnant... atlease i think so can someone help?
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If someone can verify that shes pregnant ill seprate her from the rest of fish
Hi. Yes she’s pregnant but I’d guess she has at least a week to go. Her instinct at the time will be to hide (in the bushes) so if you’re putting her in a breeding box, in full view, she’ll be stressed which can lead to problems.

But the females will probably be stressed anyway by the males. With livebearers you should always have more females than males.
Thanks a million, gonna prep a breeding box for her asap... with lilles and stuff
1 - 4 of 5 Posts