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Is my guppy dying?

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I just bought her a day ago and I didn't notice this white patch before. Her scales looks like it has a pinecone like texture and it's white in that area. She's also been staying in one spot at the top mostly...Is it Columnaris? Or dropsy? Also, how could I treat it? Thank u
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the pinecone scales might be indications of dropsy but your guppy isnt bloated :(
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Thank you for responding. She died a about a week after I posted that. I'm still not sure what caused it tho. A few other guppies I got at the same store also passed away. One had a crazy seizure and the 2 others got horrible fin rot.
oh no! im sorry for your losses :(
also, whats your guppy's name? im naming one of my newborns after your guppy in her honor
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Thanks and her name is Nessie. What kinds of fish do you have? Also, do you have any corydoras? I'd like to know if you have any tips on breeding fish :)
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