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Is my Balloon Belly Molly Pregnant?!

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I bought 3 mollys (2 of them normal, 1 a balloon belly) and when I picked the Crèmesicle color, they worker (who seemed to know a lot about fish) told me it was “very pregnant”. I knew the kids would not last very long with my 4 other fish in the tank, but it was exciting non the less. This was in the January 16, and the fish to me looks pretty much the same. After doing some research on what they should look like pregnant, it honestly doesn’t seem like she is, but I am definitely not a fish expert.

I attached a photo which was the best I could get of her, any advice on whether or not she is pregnant/how far along/what to do would be appreciated!!
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She has no gravid spot to indicate pregnancy. I have one that looks the same and nothing so far.I think this is just a characteristic specific to just certain live bearing fish as I have some guppies and mesquito fish that look the same.
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