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Is Aqueon Floramax + LED strip better than Floramax alone?

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I have a 45 gallon that is 24" tall and 36" wide. It has a 24" Aqueon Floramax t8 bulb that I run on a timer each day for plants. I recently bought a marineland LED strip for a night light... and I am wondering if I should run the white/blue LED light combination during the day along withe the floramax bulb to give my plants more light. Is this a good idea? or is the LED strip the wrong kind of light for my plants?

Here is a link with the specific info on the LEDs. I have the 21" Hidden white/blue set.

I have anubias, java fern, rotala indica, bhleri sword, jungle valinisinaria, water wisteria, creeping charlie, and dwarf water lettuce growing in the tank. I have eco complete substrate and use liquid flourish.

Thanks for any thoughts you care to share on this. Oh, and it is not possible for me to upgrade my lighting now, due to budget restrictions.
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