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Iron Dangerous for Fish?

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So I recently had a bunch of guppy fry born. I had a friend over the other day and as she was looking just randomly, decided she wanted some! I told her it was a big responsibility blah blah blah any ways. She asked if i would go and help her set up a tank to house the fry. I asked her where her water came from and I was glad to hear her say well. Hoping she wouldnt have to add anything she told me her water had very high levels of iron. I wasnt exactly sure if this would be harmful for the fish. Any help would be greatly appretiated. Also, if it is, would a regular tap water conditioner work to remove this iron? Or would she need a certain type?
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Yes, anything in large quantities is harmful to the fish especially metals. But most conditioners remove heavy metals, I use API Tap Water Conditioner for my well water as I also have high levels of heavy metals but no chlorine, so it works well for my water. It should work fine for hers too :)
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