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Hello, everyone! My username is PetDynasty, the name of my youtube channel, and I joined this website because I am planning on making some major changes in all 3 of my tanks- 2 aquariums, 1 sad paludrium, and I am doing plenty of research! :nerd:
I currently have a betta, african butterfly fish, swordtail, gold tetras, and julli cory cats for fish. I also have a pond with trout and bass, but I am not sure if they survived this past winter.
Non-fish pets include;
3 dogs
Lya, Lhasa apso, 6 years old
Murphy, mystery mutt, about 5 years old, has scars on back.
Stitch, pitbull/lab/husky mix, 13 years old
1 cat
Luna, persian, was a surrender at a shelter, 5 years old on April 12
2 Fire Belly Newts
2 Fire Belly Toads

BTW the betta in my profile picture is Dr Seuss, my old man. Do not worry, he lives in a 10 gallon aquarium.
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