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A 10 gallon is small for a Giant Danio, they are fast swimmers and need more length in the tank and they need to be in a shoal of 7-8 minimum.

I'm sure the Danio means a lot to you, but 10 gallon is too small for the fish.

Don't add any chemicals to your water, its more important to keep a stable ph which is next to impossible when adding chemicals. You just can't keep stable water with chemicals and you will ultimately do more harm than good - save the money you'd spend on chemicals on something else.

The ph is important when selecting fish, take a sample of your water to your local fish store and have them test your water for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and ph. Ammonia and Nitrite should be 0 and your nitrates ideally 20 or less.

Once you know what your ph is do some research of species (this site is an EXCELLENT research site and has some wonderful fish profiles) that live in your ph, or close to it, and pick those fish...

Plants are a lot of fun, you can look at Java Fern, Water Sprite, Java Moss, Anubias google hardy plants and you'll fine em'....

Not sure how hot it gets in San Fran, but most tropicals are kept in the 72-82 range... Not saying they can't live in hotter water, but thrive in hotter water depends on the species.

I agree Cory's are fish you should consider: bottom dwellers, active, great fish.

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