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Okay, Been to the Chiclid side of town an no info there so.....Here it is.... I had given up hope of ever getting Orange Chromides and now I am told that sunday- if quarantine goes well I can purchase the 4 I want. GREAT but since I had given up hope I did not start to turn my 75 gallon tank into a brackish tank so I only have a 10 gallon that I am currently setting up today for the 4. Yes it is too small for them in the long run but since these guys are wee ones it should do till the other tank is switched. My problem is I do not have a seeded filter for brackish. I have 4 from angels plus #2 in my 75g and #2 in my 40g which now has 2 angels and their newly hatched babies in it. The 10g will be on the low end brackish (since I am told that is where they are currently being housed in)... What do I do for a seeded sponge? Can I use one out of the other tanks? )....I am thinking that the bacteria on the sponge will die do to shock going from fresh to brackish).

I will be asking if frank can send a seeded sponge along with the fish, but if he cant ..what should I do???
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