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Salutations All:
I liked suggestion about having a less dark back-ground and I found the suggestions to have the back-ground less light interesting so I tried to achieve consensus by using a less dark but yet, somewhat light grey back-ground. All the busy noise on the first & second attempts forced me to develop sub-level images in which I was able to maintain consistence using the same color back-ground, same font, font size and color schema throughout the document. Viewers are notified the shift into sub-images by changing font fill color to a light blue with stroke of dark blue vs. the top-level images font fill of light yellow with a stroke of even brown.

I would find it helpful when there are post that point out where improvement is in need.
Please check my grammar and spelling for correctness and offer suggestions for content improvement.

Thanks for the suggestions,
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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