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im new

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and i am fascinated with catfish but cant afford more than a ten gallon tank... what can i put in a ten gallon tank other than cory cats? i really only want one fish... not a community.
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otos maybe? Possibly a siamese algae eating fish as another alternative
Welcome to this great community!!!!!
:D maybe a bn?.....
Thanks for the welcome and the advice! il look into these fish!
hey are platydoras costatus ok to have in a ten gallon tank if you only have one?
Power to the people, and all that.

Raphaels might get a bit too big for a 10 gallon. Also, if you get a young one, and you give it the hidey holes it needs to be happy, you'll have to feed after lights out, and it will be years before you see it more than occasionally.

If you don't mind secretive fish, though, try Oil Catfish, Tatia perugiae. They can be trained to come out to eat frozen bloodworms.

Alternately (and again somewhat secretive), try as Clown or Ringlet Pleco (Panaque maccus). This is a gorgeous little critter. If you use a fair amount of well boiled driftwood as the main decorations in your tank, skip the plants (or stick to the low light standbys of java moss, java fern, and anubias), arrange it so that there are two or three caves, and keep the lighting dim in the tank (around 5 watts during the time of day you'd most want to see your fish) and off in the room, you could propbably keep one of those successfully.

If, on the other hand, you want to go with something a bit more active, maybe a small shoal (6 to 8 ) of one of the dwarf cory species (C. pygmeus or C. hasborus) would work for you. Just use a sand or small, smooth gravel substrate (Eco-Complete or Onyx would be ideal if you plan on planting), and give them some plants to hide in and a hunk of driftwood or a small rock cave or flowerpot to chill out in, and you'll see them flitting around the tank quite a bit.
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i looked up both fish and like them very much... and yes i was kindof going for a secretive fish. so they are perfect.
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