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I'm new to Firebelly Toads. Wanna help me?

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So I've read a few things about this frog/toad, all say it is fairly easy to care for. I have multiple questions reguarding the care. It would be my first amphibian not fully aquatic. I am asking for the benefit of the creatures, please bear with me ;-)

1 10 gallons or more for 2 of them?
2 Any prepared foods (foods besides bugs) that my mom can feed them when I'm not there? (if not, how long can they go without eating, I'm usually not there for only a day and a half)
3 How much water to how much land?
4 Are Firebelly Newts good/safe to add?
5 Temp and humidity level?
6 Is sphagnum moss a good substrate?
7 I read that using a screen cover is not ideal. Why, and should I use a fish tank hood or class canopy?
8 Is a filter with a strong flow, like a Tetra Whisper 10i, a good idea, and is a filter even suggested? (this one works with as little as 2in of water)
9 Everywhere I read suggested florescent bulbs, but is a florescent fish tank bulb a good idea, or is it better to light only a small area?
10 Do these frogs climb things (not as in arboreal, but like escape artist-type-- climbing on all they can grab)?

An in-advance question: If I were to go away for a trip or something, and there were no one to care for them, how can I feed them and all (for fish there are pellets, for cats we have multiple bowls and auto feeders/waterers, birds have seed-treats that I feel can double as a weekend feeder and a water bottle.)

I have a plan in my drawing book for a tank in which clean-up is easy, separating the water from land but letting the water flow between the two, and the water section would be filled with just enough rocks that the frogs could be submerged.

Thanks! :-D
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I had a few of these before, they arent hard to take care of. Mine was fine on crickets, though you'll want to make sure that you leave enough dry area in the tank for the crickets to hop around on. I ahd the problem of the crickets jumping into the water and not being able to get out. as for food for when you are gone, Im not sure what to tell you. I never was gone long enough for that to be of any concern. If I was gone for any length of time I would just put plenty of crickets in the tank with the frog and a piece of potato for the crickets to munch on. Hope this helped!
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