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437 Posts much money I wasted on my last venture into fishkeeping. Specifically, an ambitious attempt to start a home clownfish hatchery after having some success breeding tiger barbs but only having dipped my toes into the saltwater, live rock and coral aquaria world. Apparently, a couple years experience, reading fish magazines and attending MACNA conferences, even with a lot of enthusiasm and your ex-mother-in-law's financial backing is not enough to turn this hobby into a profitable business! This was before I met my wife. I am back into the hobby after a 15 year hiatus. I have started with a modest Fluval Spec 15 gallon tank, planted, with five veiltail cherry barbs and some ghost and blue dream shrimp. The wife did see a surge of aquarium-related purchases on Prime Day, but so far I think she's just keeping an eye on me. She likes the addition of the tank to our bedroom, but how much the aquatic ambience is worth, we'll find out!

My tank now has supplemental mid-day lighting, UV, aeration, and the next project is some 3D-printed brackets for float switches. I am planning to make this a smart fish tank, as I happen to work for a smart home manufacturer, YoSmart/YoLink, in addition to being an electronics and coding enthusiast. I look forward to learning and sharing about electronics, lighting, and aquarium monitoring and control systems. And, of course, fishkeeping! My user account is set up as a vendor, so I can mention our products. I'm excited to see several hobbies (fishkeeping, electronics, smart home, etc.) merged into one!


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Nice to meet you Eric, glad to have you aboard.
🙏 👍
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