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Hi all! Occasional lurker, first time poster.

So for a bit of background, I've kept freshwater tropicals off and on for some years as a light interest, but mostly working in the 10-20 gallon range with tetras and such. After a relative's recent passing, his 120-gallon setup needed a new home.

Saved the water, kept the filter wet, cycling just fine. However, the two presumably-catfish he was keeping in there are throwing me for a bit of a loop, not being my speciality at all - as if anything was!

I'm practically certain as to one being a common pleco, but the other is throwing me for a bit of a loop. Spotted, two large "whiskers", few smaller ones under the "chin", and a sort of "whip" extending from the tail and dorsal fin. I dug through the reference materials here on the site, but unless it's not a catfish I didn't manage to find anything. I'd venture around 7-9 inches on the both of them, but I haven't gotten an honest measure.

I'd greatly appreciate if anyone has a clue! I kicked up some cloudiness while fussing about, earlier, so I can take better photos if it's needed when it settles.


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