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For a 36 gal I love dwarf gouramis as a centerpiece. Angelfish might be a little cliché but they really are great aquarium fish, I have a tank with angels- its a beautiful setup.
They get big though so don't get more than two for a 36. For bottom feeders I reccomend cory catfish. There are many different varieties and all have personality and work hard in your tank. Other fish to go with those... I like rainbow sharks, they don't get as big as red tailed sharks and they are very interesting to whatch, only get one or they will fight. Cardinal tetra are nice , cherry barbs are popular and beautiful. I like guppies and they will produce fry that your larger fish will benefit from eating. Swordtails and platys are good easy fish that are beautifull and lots of different varieties. Kuhli loaches are great if you like that kind of fish, just make sure your big fish don't terrorize them. Zebra danios are awesome if you have a good size school of them.

You might like one large aggressive south american cichlid such as jack dempsey, jewel cichlid, convict, severum and then bottom feeders to clean up the food scraps. Do not put any cichlid in a community tank

Another idea is to stock african cichlids. They are very aggressive so you would not be able to keep other fish, but they are usually densely stocked to spead out aggression- no one fish gets picked on too much with so many targets, and a tankfull of them is very immpressive.
I hope this helps you, thanks
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