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Ick, courtesy of the "other" lfs....

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So I got 2 catfish and 2 clown plecos from an lfs from which I have never purchased anything before. I was unsure if I should buy fish from there since the fish in the tank were questionable. However, I ended up buying them anyway (why?).

Today (a week later) I noticed the carcass of one of the plecos - who must have been dead for a few days at least. I also noticed that the two catfish are covered with ick. I started a hopsital tank and moved the catfish to it and am treating it with QuickCure. I plan on taking the catfish back asap.

The question is, I still have 4 danios and 4 amano shrimp in the main tank. QuickCure will kill the shrimp, right? The danios don't show signs of ick yet - what should I do with them? The main tank has at least a few ick-sacks on the glass and on the plants.

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Hi Josh.:wave:

Not familiar with QuickCure. If it has copper contents, I would try other medicines other than that. Copper can greatly harm your shrimps.

Try to increase the tank temp to 30C. Treat your whole tank and try to avoid stressing your fish. The more stressed your fish, the weaker their immune system will be thus the ich will succeed in killing your fish. Continue treatment for 2 weeks. The longer, the better just for precautionary measures.

Consider giving your fish nutritious foods to strengthen their immune system to fight off ich.

On the side note, ich is at its most vulnerability if it is in free-swimming phase. Meds are not effective when ich are encrusted under the fish's skin. The warm temp should speed up their lifecycle thus enabling them to go to free-swimming stage in which meds can destroy them easily.

Good luck.:)
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jsm11482 said:
The sacs are clear gel with white dots throughout, I did not pu tany of the LFS's water in the tank.
It sounds more like snail eggs.:squint: I've seen snail eggs in sacs before. The snails I got before are Physas species/common pond snails. Have you seen any snails in your tank?
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