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Ick, courtesy of the "other" lfs....

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So I got 2 catfish and 2 clown plecos from an lfs from which I have never purchased anything before. I was unsure if I should buy fish from there since the fish in the tank were questionable. However, I ended up buying them anyway (why?).

Today (a week later) I noticed the carcass of one of the plecos - who must have been dead for a few days at least. I also noticed that the two catfish are covered with ick. I started a hopsital tank and moved the catfish to it and am treating it with QuickCure. I plan on taking the catfish back asap.

The question is, I still have 4 danios and 4 amano shrimp in the main tank. QuickCure will kill the shrimp, right? The danios don't show signs of ick yet - what should I do with them? The main tank has at least a few ick-sacks on the glass and on the plants.

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Blue said:
It sounds more like snail eggs.:squint: I've seen snail eggs in sacs before. The snails I got before are Physas species/common pond snails. Have you seen any snails in your tank?
Yea I believe that this is what is being observed also.

GOK I've had my share of them on the tank walls before I purchased my Yoyo's.

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