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Ick, courtesy of the "other" lfs....

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So I got 2 catfish and 2 clown plecos from an lfs from which I have never purchased anything before. I was unsure if I should buy fish from there since the fish in the tank were questionable. However, I ended up buying them anyway (why?).

Today (a week later) I noticed the carcass of one of the plecos - who must have been dead for a few days at least. I also noticed that the two catfish are covered with ick. I started a hopsital tank and moved the catfish to it and am treating it with QuickCure. I plan on taking the catfish back asap.

The question is, I still have 4 danios and 4 amano shrimp in the main tank. QuickCure will kill the shrimp, right? The danios don't show signs of ick yet - what should I do with them? The main tank has at least a few ick-sacks on the glass and on the plants.

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Can you please describe the "sacs"? Ick is a parasite that needs a living host to survive. It can fall down to the gravel, but will not adhere to glass, rocks, plants, etc. What it sounds like is snail egg sacs... did you put any of the LFS's water into your tank with the fish?
If the danios are not showing signs of ick, I wouldn't worry about them too much just yet.
Quick Cure will surely wipe out your shrimp due to the malachite green in it's contents. The safer medication to use would be Formalin, dose according to directions. I must warn that most medications are not safe for shrimp or other inverts. Quick Cure is a combination of formaldahyde and malachite green, Formalin is the formaldahyde without the malachite green, and tends to work very well.
What kind of catfish are they? Formalin is safe for most fish species, but depending on the species of catfish in your tank, you may need to use it at 1/2 strength to be safe. If I know the species of the catfish, I can let you know which is the safe way to go.
Please take a look at this thread, the truth about ick!
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The pictus cats wouldn't have had a chance if treated with Quick Cure. They are sensitive to the malachite green in it. Pictus cats are scaleless fish, and very sensitive to everything.
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