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Ich problem

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Hi! I have a very small ich problem at the moment, as it has only affected one of the two fish in the tank. I have heard and read that turning the temperature up will help get rid of the parasite, However, the heater I have keeps the tank at a constant 80-82. It doesnt give me the option to change the heat settings. I do not have the money to go buy a heater with the adjustable settings right now. Is there any way for me to raise the heat in the tank? Will putting a towel over the hood keep the heat up? And what is a good Ich medicine to use? I had Ich Guard but it didnt seem to help much with previous issues. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks! ~Auriel
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The Only Fish In There Are A BlackMoor And An Oranda Goldfish. Sorry For Everything Being CapitalizedMy Phone Keeps Doing It :/
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Thanks! I'll Give It A shot
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I've placed Bubbles (the black moor with the ich problem) into a 1 gallon bowl. Ive changed the water twice and have put some of the API meds into it. been trying to keep the water warm. However he has stopped eating :/ hopefully I can get him feeling better and be able to put him back in with Hodor. Hodor misses his friend! :-?

I'll be doing water changes everyday until he gets better. I also dipped a q-tip into the meds and swabbed the area with it. Removed the spots that were visible. Hopefully they dont come back.

I keep posting updates
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