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Good morning,

I have a Fluval Spec V take, 5gallon. I have a Betta, 2 oto cats, baby MTS (w/assassin snail for control), and 4 cherry red shrimp. In the last 24 hours I noticed the betta and oto cat seem to be infected with Ich. This tank has live plants, 35% water change weekly, and runs at 79 degrees. I keep it very clean. With this said, I am wondering what the best corse of action will be, rid ich by kordon or salt and water changes daily?

I really don't want to loose any stock or crash the cycle. Anyone with some experience and insight would be most appreciated.

PS. The debris in the photo was from feeding, leftovers are syphoned out.


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I would def. go with the heat only method. I'd be worried about salt in the tank with plants.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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