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Family: Cichladae

Scientific Name: Metriaclima greshakei

Origin and Habitat: Southeast Lake Malawi

Mildly aggressive, this fish will not tolerate other fish of the same species in a tank smaller than 75g.

In the wild this fish feeds on phytoplankton, in the home aquarium, a good quality cichlid formula of either flakes or pellets, supplement this with vegetables at least once a week, these can include de-shelled peas, carrots (not raw, soften them first) and zucchini.

Males attain around 6" with females being smaller at around 5", sexual maturity is reached at the 3" mark

Water Parameters
Temperature 76-78°F (24-26°C), pH 7.8-8.6, Hard Water

This fish is mildly aggressive to other fish of the same genus and will be very aggressive to other fish in a smaller tank, as such these fish should ideally be housed in a 75g or larger aquarium with lots of rocky hiding spots.
Being a maternal mouthbrooder, females will hold for about 20-28 days before spitting free swimming fry out.
Males are larger than females, and are light blue with orange fins, while females are a brownish/red. Females may have a little orange in the fins although most of the time this is not the case.
There is also an Albino variant of this fish being all white with Orange dorsal and tail fins.
Both variants display light color black barring which if stressed or threatened becomes more prominent. Adult males in breeding can change to a whiter color but will have more pronounced Orange fins and black barring.
First described by Meyer and Foerester in 1984.

Contributing Members:

Pictured below is an adult Male in full color.
Also pictured is the partial Albino Variant.


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