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I just got back from vacation, and my tank is in a mess. A couple of my fish are in really bad shape (nipped fins, darkish murky color, etc.) - but I'm pretty sure this is just aggression and they will heal. My real problem is, i think one of my Aceis has hole-in-the-head disease. The top of her head has lost all color and become a rather fleshy white patch with no skin (or very pale skin). She seems quite healthy and robust, as if the patch has no effect on her. I've read that hole-in-the-head is untreatable, but it does not bother the fish either. Is this true? Also, what step should i take to bring her back to normal (if possible)?


PS: Sorry I can't post any pics, they move too fast and its all a blur. Cichlids...:roll:
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