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Hello, I'm new here. (I just joined today) And I need help with my black guppy, Moonlit Skies.
He has been sitting (or rather laying) in a corner all day. I don't know what to do. I have three other guppies in there with him. All males. None of them show signs of aggression towards him or any others. I did a water test a few days ago and here are most of the parameters: Ph, 7.5, Nitrates, 0ppm, Nitrites, 0ppm, Ammonia, 0ppm. I tested it with the API Freshwater Master Test Kit a day after I added the four guppies to the tank. I have been feeding my guppies with Omega One Freshwater Flakes. He has been usually flapping one gill as of today, but he can flap the other one. He likes to lean against and on something. Last night he was near the top sitting by a plant.
The others all seem very, very happy and I don't know why he is sick. He has always been a little shy, but I don't think that was because of aggression. If you have any ideas on how to help him or what's wrong with him I would greatly appreciate it! :) :) I think he might be too far gone. :( But I would still like to know what's going on with him. Also, he is a very new fish, if that matters. But the tank has been used for another guppy recently, so it's cycled. (I got him a few days ago) :) I will be keeping an eye on this thread so if you have any questions feel free to ask. :)

I have attached a photo of him, Incase it helps. (sorry it's not very clear)
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