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I have had some ups and downs

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My plan to drill my 55 gallon failed. Turns out it was 100% tempered glass all around. When I tried to drill the holes it shattered. I bought another one from a guy on craigslist and it is fully set up. I was going to do a middle brackish setup but a friend it taking his 55 cichlid tank down and I am getting it and whatever fish I want. I am taking 2 5 inch male ice blue zebra african cichlids and 2 4.5 inch three spot blue gouramis. After some time, so the bio filter is complete, I am going to add a couple yellow labs. I'd be concerned because my tank is still very new (3 weeks with 8 live bearers) but he is way way over stocked, no bio filter, no substrate, no water treatment, water straight from the tap went into the tank and that was it.
A month ago he gave me a 10 and a 15 gallon tank. I was not able to fit the 15 inside the stand so I used the 10 as a sump and the tank is running with a diy PVC overflow and spray bar return. I am taking the 55 and am going to use it for a much larger sump giving us a substantial boost in water volume making it so we can add a nice size school of neon or cardinal tetras as dither fish. I plan on finding some plastic totes to fit the pump and filter sections in.
I have never had an African cichlids tank before. At this time I have adjusted the ph and temp for the cichlids. The tank has a full layout of silk plants creating territories in the 2 ends a fake log and a diy rock formation epoxied together. Any input would be appreciated.
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Well, the neons and cardinals are soft water fish and so would not appreciate the hard water that the African cichlids require.
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And the africans would eat the neons, cardinals and whatever else they can catch. I also would not add the gouramis, they are from asia and therefore are probably soft water fish, not to mention they are not at all tough or fast enough to handle the abuse of african cichlids, which are often very aggressive. I'd say you would be right to add 2-3 cichlids at a time, maybe once a week. If you do it right, you will enjoy these absolutely beautiful fish for years. Cheers, Jim
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