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i have 2 molly fry

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i have 2 molly fry that i can see. i have a 10 gallon tank with 4 male guppies and 5 female mollies and 1 plecostomus.


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Congrats on the babies,they are usually easy to raise but your tank is overcrowded already.Mollies need space and clean water to thrive then they become quite hardy but if kept crowded they are often the first to get sick or worse.I keep 5 (4 female,1 male) in 55 's and they get big and beautiful.I'm not a Pleco keeper but believe common Plecos get quite large and produce lots of waste.Someone will correct me if I'm wrong about that.This is not meant to be a negative post it's just info that may help in the future.Good Luck and congrats again on the babies
well i got my fish from walmart and bought guppies when i got my tank but they sold me 4 males so the next time i went i was going to buy some females but they only had male guppies so i bought female mollies cause i heard they could breed with guppies. I bought 5 female molly cause someone told me you need more females then males.
I have heard that it is possible a guppie could get a mollie pregnant,( Muppies)I've heard of it but have never seen it in person and by this point I think I would have,never seen such a cross on Aquabid either. The female mollies you have almost certainly were purchased pregnant.A two to one ratio is usually plenty for mollies,maybe three to one if the male is super horny.I'm real sorry ,but not surprised,by your Wal-mart experience.Just take this as a lesson learned and research the fish you want before you get them.By the way, I saw your mollie pics and you really got some nice ones.Good Luck
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ya walmart is the only place i have to buy fish at. I have saw pics of muppys or gollys.
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