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I.d this plant

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ANYBODY HAVE A CLUE what this plant is called?


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Dracaena. It's not aquatic and will die if kept underwater.
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Looks like a chain store plant that I bought in a "snail free" tube a few years back before I knew any better.

Darn thing rotted and foulded up the whole tank :frustrated:
White ribbon plant (Dracaena Sanderiana). Yep not aquatic. The roots can be in water but the leaves have to be out of the water or it willl die. This plant got me when I first started out.
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Agreed it's not fully aquatic. My fish store told me when I bought 2 of them. However..I decided to get it for fun to see what would happen . That was about 1yr ago. I took one out of it's tank and moved it to my 75g and half of it died off but then it grew back...and the other one is doing VERY well in my 20g with my corydoras and "bettadora". It seems to like root tabs and is a very slow grower but nice to see it can work.
I got played

That darn chick played me as a fool at pet land for 2 bucks (lol).I had a gut feeling about this plant just the way the leaves felt so tuff but took a gambling on it anyway .Well ,i just put it a vase half filled with water.
BackInAction don't feel bad it has happened to the best of us. Like I said I bought some along with Mondo grass which they said at the store was aquatic. There was also another one I can't remember now.
It's funny though. I was suspicious..Glad the store was honest to me..but I looked around my house yesterday and have 3 mixed potted plants that all have those in them. Not even in water just in dirt.. been there for 5yrs hahha. but at least my experiment worked...they sometimes can survive underwater.
Are any of the leaved out of water??
nope. been like that for 1 yr. Totally in the water. The one I moved to my 75 in may have a rough transition but it is fine now. Then the ones in my pots are in NO water lol. I just water those ones once a week
See I was always told it will last for "awhile" under water then rot. No clue how long "awhile" is?? LoL was also told it could survive if the leaves were out of water. Soo maybe you have a different species in that family or maybe I was told wrong??
I'm with y'all - this was my first plant :) My book says 3 months, but looks like sometimes it can work longer! Pretty cool, A13! Mine was in a vase for about a year, but I have used this plant in a QT tank since then. Didn't have enough plants to make it feel cozy, so I figured to drop it in. Left it in after the fish was in the main tank, just to see - and sure enough, it started looking funky after a few months. So now it's in a pot, lol. Don't know if it would have bounced back if I had left it under for longer. Might have to try that out!
Well I can't see after 1 whole year of a plant doing very well that it will ever change. It does just seem really particular about switching aquariums. S to be clear..I have 2 of those. both were together since early last summer then I moved 1 plant to my 75 this May and it took about 1 month to bounce back from the tank change but the other one is perfectly healthy and grows roots very well but does not grow taller from best I can tell. No issues at all with that one. Perhaps they were planted in the beginning under water and this is why it's doing well..honestly I expected it to fail though. Maybe it will at 2yrs?? lol
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I'm taking pet land to peoples court for misleading me from a non-submersible plant .
:D We should all band together and do that, I think almost everyone on this forum has been taken in by that plant in the beginning!
hahaha.. That'll be a good episode! Their first $2 lawsuit.. oh but wait..Lets ad emotional damages and distress plus the internet for this month since you had to come here to find out they lied I can come up with more too if you'd like.:twisted: Go get 'em!
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haha i love how everyone was fooled by this plant. im guilty of the same offense .
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