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Hey all!
I've gotten back into bettas about 10 months ago after my mum killed my first that I got as a birthday present.

I've since had 6 and ended up selling/giving three away, two died because of unknown causes (petstore bought), and Zorro has been the one to stick with me through my learning :p
Sadly, yesterday Andre died sometime while I was out and about. I was devastated when I got home to play with him and my mum said "Oh, yeah..He died sometime today. Get that dead thing out of my house and flush him. " :/

So thus..I went to the petstore again once I got off work. I only intended to buy one more, but I ended up with Atleast it wasn't four again, right?? Haha

Now I'm up to Zorro, George (named after a recently deceased friend ): ), and I have yet to name the other.

But aside from fish talk..
I'm 19
Work as a traffic control specialist (aka flagger lol) for utility contractors such as Columbia Gas
Ride and train horses, I rescued my current mare Alahna and she's almost gained 500lbs!
Wish I had a dog
And I constantly get disappointed by so-called "men" haha

So, hey. :)
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