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My 90 gallon fresh water fish tank has been cloudy, taking on a whitish cloudy hue, and I want to make it crystal clear. I believe the problem is general hardness (GH), but I do not know how to lower the GH without further lowering the pH which is already kind of low. The aquarium water quality was measured as follows.

GH (General Hardness) = 120 ppm
KH (Carbonate Hardness)= 40 ppm
pH= 6.5
Nitrite= 0 ppm
Nitrate= 40 ppm

I have a pleco, 4 silver dollars, 2 danios, & 1 loach (botia angelicus)

Tank filtration= Eheim Classic 2215 Cannister, UGF and an
Aquaclearpower head that sits on 1 of the UGF tubes, Aquaclear 110 power filter

* 6 Months ago, the water was crystal clear with GH=30 ppm KH=0 ppm, so I think the city's tap water source changed. I know they do that at different parts of the year, depending on when we are in a drought or not (I live in California)

So please tell me what I need to do to make the water crystal clear. Thank you!
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