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How Often should I feed my Plattys?

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This might be somewhere else, but I missed it.

I have 6 Plattys and a few Ghost Shrimp in my 10g tank. I was wondering how often I should feed them. I've seen various things from various sights. Some say once a day, twice a day, three times a day, once every other day, once every 3 days, etc.

I am sure as heck not going to feed them three times a day and I already know how much food to feed them :)

Edit: I have been feeding them twice a day for two weeks. I went out of town for two days and they went without. They seem perfectly fine, but I did feed them the night I got back. I have not fed them this morning yet... I feed them Tropical Fish flakes and occasionally Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp.
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once a day is perfect, maybe missing out one day per week. Fish will always feed like they are starving and are totally greedy. Over feeding creates problems with over production of waste products, so the tank will be healthier with less food.

Varying the food you give them is a good idea too to keep your fish in best health as they get all the nutrition they need. Having more than one type of dried food and rotating between them plus ocassional frozen and live foods is good practice
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frozen foods (in the freezer like ice cubes) are better than freeze dried (frozen then dried/dehydrated) if you can get them. They have more nutritional value. Its best to thaw frozen food in some tank water before you feed them. Also, don't feed them too often; half a cube or less once or twice a week would be good in your tank

I feed frozen bloodworm, which all my fish go wild for and have recently got some frozen brine shrimp, which they like too. I tried frozen daphnia but none of my fish would eat them for some reason

6 platies in 10g tank is quite a lot of fish. You will need to be doing large regular water changes to keep the water quality up because they'll produce a lot of waste
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