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I'm part way through my fishless cycling of a 6 gallon tank.
The ammonia part went really smoothly, in a week I started getting nirtrites.
I'm now 2 more weeks down the line.

I've been adding 1ml of ammonia solution to the tank each afternoon. The reading gets to between 2 & 4ppm.
Overnight the ammonia is dropping to 0.0; NitrItes and NitrAtes both go off the scale.


Last night's readings before adding the new ammonia were:
1ppm Nitrite
40ppm Nitrate

This morning, I have:
5ppm Nitrite
160ppm Nitrate
.....which experience tells me is actually the test kit maxing out, and the reading are way higher.

Yesterday I did 5x50% water changes (My maths makes that 96.875% water change!) to bring the levels down to 1&40.
So, I'm obviously producing both Nitrite and Nitrate pretty successfully.

The question is: Am I adding too much ammonia? I only have a small tank, and a small, low flow filter - as I'm planning on stocking with only 1 betta fish!
...or do I just need more patience?
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