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Hi everyone,

I've been wondering how many algae wafers would be enough for about 5 albino cories? I usually feed a bit of flakes or pellet for the fish at the top & middle of the tank first (what they can eat in about 30 seconds). Then I break half of 1 algae wafer into 3 smaller pieces and drop to the bottom of the tank so that everyone get a fair share. The cories got the most of the wafer but other fish except rasbora always join the party till everything's gone.

Can you share your experience?

For your information: I have a 36 gallon tank which has been up and running for about ~ 8 months. Right now I have:
- 8 harlequin rasbora
- 6 neon tetra
- 5 albino cories
- 1 male swordtail
- 1 male guppy
- 1 male molly
- 10 ghost shrimps

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