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How long should new betta tank sit before adding betta fish into it

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I hope youre having a fantastic day!
Im hoping to get a betta fish in the future and am trying to gather as many facts as possible so i have betta luck than i did last time.. I have had bad luck with betta fish.. But since getting more experienced with other fish im hoping that i have learned alot more...

Upon setting up a new tank and letting it cycle through, how long should a betta tank sit before i add the fish to it?

Thank you!!
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Until you test the water and pick up nitrate but no nitrite or ammonia. This can take a few weeks.
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Ok. So normal tetra water strips work good for betta fish as well? Im not to well versed in the knowledge of water quality for each kind of fish. I know that if the test strips come out ok for my platys that is good, but i didnt know if they work well for bettas as well..
The test kit is always better, but the test strips work. I use them.
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ok. thank you :).
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Heres a 2 books that mite be of help to you.

Title:The Betta Handbook
Author: Robert J. Goldstein, PH.D.
Published By: Barron's
ISBN number: 0-7641-2728-4

Title: The Betta Bible
The art and science of keeping bettas
Author: Dr. Martin Brammah
ISBN number: 9781508888468

Both these books can be bought from amazon books.

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