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She is very close, my guess is within the week... can you move her over now and leave her for the next few days?
Also a water change at night 1-2 degrees cooler is like a cleansing rain in the wild and can spark her delivery in the early morning.

Keep us posted!
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So I just separated her into a smaller tank to have her fry.
It was probably a good idea since the other two males were hassling her!

If anyone knows how I can make this tank more comfortable for her to have fry please help! Thanks :)

Water temperature is 26°C.
Didn't fill the whole tank up.
At the moment there is a hanging filter but I'm going to replace it with an air stone when the fry come so they don't get sucked in.
I set the filter current to low. Not sure if the strong current would freak her out.
I think she still has about a week left...

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