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I recently decided to try experimenting with some hornwort that I got. It didn't seem to work well. Most of the whorls fell of and died. I'm assuming that this was due to low CO2 levels, but I cannot be certain. All levels in the aquarium were normal. I threw it in a smaller 3 gallon aquarium just to test it a little. Again, I'm assuming that there was too much plant and too little CO2. It's whorls began to fall off and begin to decay causing my ammonia levels to rise which completely defeated the purpose of purchasing the plant in the first place. It was also supposed to harbor a new fry I was expecting.
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Pls post the results of your test kit rather than assuming them as most of the planted tank keepers want full details to determine what exactly made the hornwort to die.:)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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