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id rathre that be a wide tank yeah thats right its ftoo deep. dojo that i used to go to had a tank bigger than that. it had 3 pacu. i dont think the pacu will bite you. ive heard from my senseis that they hand feed it like oscars. hahah and joked that if we didnt try hard we get fed to the pacus lol. they were huge like 16 inches long. but they looked crowdded in the tank... im thinkin that the tank must have been at least 2k gallons? it took up the whole wall of the place. it was huge. i was dum struck aat it. i always wondered where they got it....its gone now.... wow 5k$ that s a lot of money. wonder what happened to the pacus......if i bought that tank i would fill it with loaches, oscars and danios, and other scholing small fish. it would look marvelous in my bedroom.
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