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Good Evening (or Morning),
I will be going on holiday soon and I really want to make sure that my fish will be fine but I am unsure on what to do. I could get a Holiday Block but I really do not want to come back to dead fish and cloudy water.

I currently only have 8 Yellow Phantom Tetras and 4 amano shrimp in a 48 litre (around 10 Gallons) Interpet Fish Pod Aquarium which does make it hard to find auto feeders for it, but I am willing to invest in a good auto-feeder if anyone has any suggestions?? I am fairly new to physically keeping fish but I did research for a long period of time before I rushed into buying anything.

Anyways, I always thought that someone will be around to look after my fish (wrongly assumed!) but I cannot get anyone to look after them so my usual pill-box trick goes right out the window!

I am also worried if I put in a holiday block and I will be gone for 1 week - 2 weeks how are the feeders going to affect the water quality.

Thanks for taking your time to read what turned out to be quite a long question!!

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