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High water temp cories

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I usually keep my tank at 82 - 84 F (max), and i have a couple Juli cories but i don't think they like the heat since they have not been as active since i raised the heat. i am going to move them out to another cooler temp tank.

I was wondering what cory cats can take a higher heat of that range. I have heard Sterbai can take higher heat, but i want to know my options before I decide for sure.

Thank you.
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Getting more will certainly promote more activity, but you are right that most Corys like water in the low to high 70s. There are some warmer water species out there, but the question is if they are available. is the best source of catfish information, and they have some good search functions, such as being able to search for fish by size, temperature, etc. you're going to want to look for Corys that come from Venezuela, Colombia, and other norther countries in South America.
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