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Hey guys

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I am here for the same reasons as cafaracermike.

MY fish are.

6x2x2-african cichlids and some plecs.

3ft-more africans

2ft-african fry

1ft-african fry/BN fry

I am an aussie i was wondering if there are many other around here?

jamie :)
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Welcome aboard, j.c.:thumbsup:

:shock2: So many African cichlid fry.

An Aussie like you deserves introduction of other Aussie members.:wink2: They're swenno and fishylover. The few Aussies I know of.:thumbsup:
Hi Jamie. Welcome to :D
Hi :) and welcome
hi welcome aboard. :)
welcome to this great community!!!!! :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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