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Folks I'm here cause I'm sick of the theatrics a certain member makes in another site. I was invited by another member and thought I'd give it a go over here.

My pleco tank, 125g 6'

Blue eyed panaque
Xingu Scarlet
3x green phantom
2x peruvian tigers
Xingu Royal
papa panaque
acanthicus adonis
L114 red leopard (sternella)
2x violet brunos, or rusty for you English
L24 cactus

some columbain tetras
an 18" tire track eel
2 sterbaii cories
thousands of trumpet snails.

10g grow out

4 zebra fry
4 goo obo gudgeons
about 20 guppies to use to feed my salt tanks.

20g planted
checkerboard barbs
violet bruno pleco
frog pleco
zebra loach

Salt tanks

7g nano

2x panda goby
2x fire shrimp
2x tiger pistol shrimp
2x warratah anemones
tiger goby
2x nano reef goby
2x 1/2" long horn cowfish
some zoas in 8 colors, 2 lemonaide palys, avelapora, shrooms

All glass 7g bow front 80w PC lighting retro'd into original hood. 20g sump, fuge and aquac remora skimmer eheim return pump.

30g fowlr

1 yellow angler frog
1 sargassum frog
1 panther grouper
1 coastal toadfish

some softies like kenyean branching, zoas, green paly's

20g fuge that drains into a 20g sump with euroreef skimmer Eheim return, eheim canister

75g super reef

banded snake eel
mated pair of maroon clowns, gold striipe
harlequin sweetlips
japon stripey fish
lawn mower blennie
target mandarin
scooter blennie
3 engineer gobies

Neon green BTA
Magnificent anemone
warratah anemone
green carpet
3 neon green yellow flowers

thousands of polyps of zoas in every color
lot's of paly's including lemonaides
switching to mainly SPS
crocea clam 4"
gigas clam 4"
2 xmas worm rocks with porities
8" efflo never fragged
Probably about 40 different SPS
Yumas and rics
coco worms
Medusa worms
12 large featherdusters
6 large cucumbers
sea hares
800 hermits
900 ilnassarius snails
60 nerite snails
2 money conchs


2x 250w MHQI Pheonix 14k 400w PC lighting 700GpH return from Eheim Tunze 6060 1,600gph stream 2x seio M620 600gph streams controlled by Tsunami wave maker controller including photelectric eye to control waves at night tank drilled fro overflow boxes triggerfishsystems sump, Euroreef skimmer 10g fuge 54w PC 24hours over fuge phosban reactor kalk reactor pinpoint ph monitor alk monitor CA monitor moonlighting

That's basically where I stand. Also keep sulc tortoises and a nice flying squirrel named Bucky.

I stay in Austin TX and enjoy motorcycles, check out the main sponsor (the guy is a jerk), bicycles of every flavor (I have a list that compares to my tanks), kayaking, and of course camping.

Been a pipe fitter for 12 years now. Going on 31 YO. been in ATX for 10 years.

Just an idea of me.

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Welcome aboard, Mike.:blueyay:

Hope you enjoy the forum.:thumbsup:

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Mike, I'm looking forward to the pics of your plecs.:thumbsup:

With almost 5 marine tanks, that is very interesting especially when it rubs off on marine keepers like Usmc, Tmfreak and Michael who are very much interested in new marine tank pics.:crazy:

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hello there
nice people here :wink:
800 hermit crabs.......good grief......superb!!
enjoy. :)
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