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hey fish keepers

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my 1.5 gallon, can i add : guppies, neons, or bumble gobies? how many? i've had fish before but couldn't get it right. so here i am. i set it up about a week and added a bit more water. when can i start adding fish.
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I'm sorry to say, you can add a betta and that's about it. Are you cycling your tank or do you just have it running? Cycling requires adding 4ppm of pure ammonia and allowing the bacteria to populate in your filter to break that ammonia down into nitrites. From there, another type of bacteria will break down nitrites into nitrates. Once you can add 4ppm of ammonia and it be converted into nitrates in 24 hours, you can add your fish. You could also go and get a small bottle of Tetra SafeStart and your betta and add both at the same time (the entire bottle). It will introduce some of the bacteria.

Do you have a liquid test kit so you can monitor your levels? This is an important tool to have when keeping fish.
how 1 /2 small cold fish? i have safebalence, baby food, test tubes, exc...
did you see my tank? it's been up for about a week. can i add?
Coldwater fish need either schools or larger tanks.
Do you have a liquid test kit?
You can't add fish until the tank is properly cycled or if you use Tetra SafeStart, even still, you could do a betta. Just shrimp or a couple snails if you want. You'll need a heater for any of those three options, however.
That little 2 gallon tank is a good home for a Betta fish. They are the ones that you see at the store in the little cups. They need to live alone... don't do 2. They fight.
Depending on where you live, you will need to get a tiny heater at some point. My "room temperature" is only 72 at the most and they really do best closer to 80.
IF the tank has a filter you can cycle the tank but you will need to do lots of water changes. If you just wish to use this tank as more of a Betta bowl type of set up then you need to change his water 2-3 times a week and clean out the tank.
It depends on whether this tank has a filter or not. You should also get a thermometer so that when you do water changes you can match the temperatures and then add your de-chlorinator.
We have a Betta site... Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care and that can be accessed by going to the main menu, Freshwater Fish and Aquariums, and clicking on the little blue Bettafish file folder... or by keying in address in a new window. Same forum, just looks a bit different.

Lots of reading there about getting your first Betta!! Welcome!!
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test results

gh 180
kh between 08 and 120
ph fresh 7.0/7.5 now it looks like more like 8.0
no2 0
no3 0

am i ready?

im thinking betta or mabbe 2 dwarf blue gourmis?

Read more:*
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You aren't ready for fish. If you aren't dosing ammonia you won't be ready for fish. You also can't keep a single dwarf gourami in that tank let alone two. I'd stick with a betta.
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I'm trying to think of an alternative to a betta(even though bettas are great fish) but even a pair of endlers would be too crowded.I'm sorry but stick with the Betta.I don't get the appeal of these tiny aquariums
I'm posting my pm to you here as I feel it's important for other new small tank owners to see too. And I've added to it!

What is your Ammonia reading? I don't see that in the list.
A cycle can take up to 6-8 weeks to establish and you see BOTH Ammonia AND NitrItes spike high and come back down. THEN you will get a NitrAte reading and only then will you be thru the cycle. You are looking for about a 20 or .20... can't remember where the decimal is lol. Once you see that, you are ready. You DO need an ammonia source which is what Flint said. That is either a fish that is living/eating/pooping, OR Ammonia OR and ammonia source.
Now having said that, you CAN add a fish earlier, i.e. cycling with a fish IN, but you need to be ready to handle it! "Prime" is a water conditioner that will neutralize Chlorine, Chloramine, Ammonia, NitrItes AND Nitrates. You will need very little so get a tiny bottle as you will only use a drop at a time likely. With the test kit, you can figure out where you are day to day and treat accordingly, lots of water changes if necessary (they dilute high readings) and get thru WITH a live fish in the tank.
What about a Female betta instead? The tank is NOT big enough for more than one, they will fight too but there are lots of females that need homes too.
This tank will also need a heater. Do you have one?
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Hello and welcome!
Seems like your really eager and excited to keep fish, that's awesome! I still feel that way after many years in the hobby. Its a great way to spend your time and money :lol:
I think small tanks LOOK really nice, and begginers often think that its easier to take care of a small tank, but I would have to reccomend that you get a bigger tank. The only fish suitable for your tank is a betta, whicvh are nice, but it seems like you want more of a community. Smallest tank I would suggest is 20 gallon long. Much better is a 40 gallon . If your budget can handle 100-200$ you can get set up .pretty good. If not, well... you have somthing to save for! Shrimp might be a.nice alternative to the betta and if you plant the tank well you might achieve very attractive results.
Small tanks can be difficult, even for experienced keepers, because the water quality changes so quickly. Larger tanks are much more forgiving because they are slower to change ,and its easier to catch problems before they turn into disasters.
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I started with a 29G and wish I had started with a 40 or larger that I could fit in the space available. When I have taken care of the dental work I need then I'll start saving for the larger tank.
I think I have a 20 gallon tank. What about 2 beautiful rams along with a school of Harlin rasboras or neons. 6? I have most of the stuff i need. All I need is to get a few items and clean it out. What are your thoughts?:)
It's important you know the size of your tank.If you are not sure about the gallons just give us the measurements(width x length x height) and someone here can help.What items do you need to get started? I'll bet I have some of them just sitting here gathering dust.
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