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Hi every one, just got registered here and want to share my tanks with you :)

i currently have 4 tanks and looking for the 5Th for my Oscar

600Liters (150Gallons) Turtle/Cichild tank
170Liters (45Gallons) Oscar tank
54Liters (14Gallons) Plant tank
18Liters (4,7Gallons) Plant/quarantine tank, thinking of make a sump out of it for the 54Liter tank

Here is my 600, it's a custom made tank and i made a filtering system from PVC

Here are the items i used

This is a picture of the intake, i put a cap on to there so i can stop the siphon so when i want to clean the pipes and the lower arrow is pointing at a joint where i can take it apart

here is a picture of the other half of the intake where i can connect the canister filters, i have room for 3 filters, the 4Th valve is used for water changes, so i just hook up a hose there and turn the valve and it starts draining the tank, then i just hook the hose up to the shower water blender and fill the tank, really! easy :)

Here is the room for the filters i have one Filstar Xp3 and a Sacem 1000L/h

Here is the outlet valves

I replaced that 90° pipe with a spraybar that i made from PVC

And here it is

And this is how it looks now

here is my 170 AquaEL tank

i am using a AquaEL UniMAX 250 canister-filter (650L/h)

here is the 54, i just started in the live plant thing and i like it :)
here i just finished planting them

and 12 days later :)

And just for fun here is a picture of my parents Koi pond that is 35.000Liters (around 9100Gallons)

So what do you think about the tanks ?

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Thank you all for a great compliment :)

Brandon: the metal is very popular by some here in Iceland, not 54 gallon planted, 54 Liters planted ;)
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