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i went to a fish store and i saw saltwater fish and aquarium setup for saltwater for the first time.i was thinking about a 10 or 15 i want to know what things should i get and newbie fishes.i am not completely new to fishkeeping i have a freshwater aquarium which is doing well.thx in advance :)


Im not the expert here but im about 8 months into my first SW tank so I can start the thread off.

SW is a little more work and can be a lot more expensive then FW. That being said, if you choose to make the journey, you need to take things really slow if you want to have a great tank.

First, IMO, decide on a budget, and get the biggest tank you can afford/maintain/have in your living space/ etc. Reason behind this is lager volumes of water have smaller swings in parameters so they are somewhat easier to take care of. There are pros and cons to large vs small as there are for everything.

That being said you need about 1.5-2lbs of Rock per gallon of water. You can buy it Live from the Fish store or dry at sites like marco rock and then seed it.

You will also want 1-2" or 4-6" inches of sand if going for a deep sand bed. I will not suggest which way to go, I will leave that to the other experts here.

You REALLY should get an RO/DI unit. It will make life much easier. Some alternatives to RO/DI are Distilled water, or you can buy water from your LFS. RO/DI will save you money in the long run, as well as your back:lol:

You also need to decide if you want fish only with live rock (FOWLR) or a reef tank (corals, inverts etc). This factors into what lights you need, etc.

Lastly all I will say is RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARH!!!!!!!! You should give this a month or so at minimum of time and thought before you start to buy things. Decide on a budget, what you want to keep, what you can handle taking care of etc. It took me over a year of research before I decided to go for it, and im still not an expert :lol:

Checkout these fish, inverts, and corals . Keep in mind the minimum tank size, their behavior (peaceful or aggressive) and if they are reef safe. We also have Fish Profiles and Reference Material on this site to look at.

Nano Fish
SW Beginner Fish

Beginner Coral
Nano Coral
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